Transaction Provenance

In this initiative we will explore and study Transaction provenance ecosystems that facilitate trading, provenance-building and socio-economic development in diverse contexts throughout the world . We will focus on ecosystems powered by World Reserve Trust’s Smart.t™ system, is powered by two multisided platforms :(i) a provenance authentication platform, and (ii) a transaction management platform underpinned by the Silubi™ Smart Transitive token (patent pending), which also provides a medium of exchange, unit of account and store of value within the transactions in the ecosystem, constituting a next-generation economic coin.
These Ecosystems that will engender community regeneration and development within open and extensible innovation clusters, enabling the local communities in which they are embedded to flourish economically socially and culturally. The community can be cross border.
Within these ecosystems, Enterprise Innovation Clusters are will be developed in locally appropriate forms, as described in the CADIC Project Framework that focuses on providing an infrastructure for growing and multiplying open and extensible Enterprise Innovation Clusters in business-to-business environments, where initiatives are conceived, implemented and developed by the participants themselves.
What emerges is the central importance of Provenance exploration, investigation, authentication and anticipation, and as an active indicator of value, in providing socialised, end-to-end, multisided decision support within platform-powered ecosystems that will increasingly inspire the rapidly expanding platform business sector in the future.

Download "Socialising the Decision-making Process: Transaction Provenance Decision Support"
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