Current Intiatives

The current initiatives of the London Multimedia Lab include:

1. Supporting Sustainability in Sail Cargo London Kent and Channel brings together people and organisations who share a passion for sail-shipped cargo, working together in an ecosystem with shared ethics to create a healthy transport culture that promotes the preservation of the environment for future generations.

2. Samos Craft: is an initiative by members and associates of the London Multimedia Lab who are interested in contributing to the design and construction of a ship combining the best of ancient and modern innovations in sailing ship design, with particular emphasis on ship developments pioneered in Samos.

3. Images and Sounds: is an initiative directed y Carl Load, focusing on the creation and prouction of a Papertronic book about audiovisual composing

Spritivity: is an initiative enabling people to explain, share, and explore, in rich audiovisual language, the real and the potential worlds they inhabit.

Amfilissos Network: Developing a Flow Grid for the Amfilissos River Area in the Greek island of Samos; an area rich in ecological and cultural heritage, together with a compendium of projects respecting and enriching the Flow Grid in the context of creative an sustainable development .