IFIP WG8.3 Task force on

Decision Support for a Sustainable Global Society

This IFIP WG8.3 Task Force is supported by the London Multimedia Lab

In September 2021 WG8.3 organised   a Virtual event on “Decision Making for a Sustainable global society” as part of iFIP’s 60th anniversary celebration. This event was convened by Ciara Heavin. The event was well received and led to a proposal that a special session on Decision Making for a Sustainable global society at the Ifip8.3 Open DS2022 conference, held in Budapest. Our session at this conference and the following panel discussion on “Decision making for a sustainable global society” attracted quite a lot of interest, and some enthusiasm> as a rsult, Patrick Humphreys proposed a Task force on "decision support for a sustainable global society" to the WG8.3 business meeting at the conference, where the proposal was accepted. 
The first meeting of the task force will be held during the 2024 Open Conference of  IFIP WG 8.3: Decision Support between June 5-7th, 2024
( This year’s conference is titled “Decision Systems and Analytics for the Common Good”.
Membership of the task force is open to all members and friends of IFIP WG83 with interests in the area. If you are not already a member but are interested in joining this task force, please contact the Task Force’s convenor : Patrick Humphreys, London School of Economics and Political Science. Email:

Initial members of the Task Force

Vincenzo Corvello, University of Messina, Italy
Ciara Heavin. University College Cork, Ireland
Patrick Humphreys, London School of Economics, UK  
Miguel Imas, Kingston University, UK
Amy Luk, Hong Kong
Raluca O’Callaghan, Canterbury, UK
Zita Paprika, Budapest, Hungary
Gloria Phillips-Wren, Loyola University USA
Freddie Quek, Times Digital, London, UK
Ai Yu, Southampton University, UK

Task Force members' Activities and Outputs

The activities of the Task Force will preferably be built on the format we used for the previous successful WG8.3 task force “Learning from Case Studies in Decision Making and Support (organized Dave Sammon and Patrick Humphreys between 2003 and 2007), with the results published as a special issue of TJDS (Vol 17, no 1, 2008). We will seek to have a selection of the scam studies produce by members of tis task force published in The a future special issue of the Journal of Decision Systems. We also have the opportunity to publish a themed selection of our case studies in The European Journal of innovation Management,

These case studies could be located within the general three-level (micro-meso-macro) framework described  in ” Decision support for social innovation enabling sustainable development”, presented at the DSS 2022 conference   (Journal of Decision Systems, available Open Source at DOI: 10.1080/12460125.2022.2073634.)

You can read this paper here.

Patrick Humphreys and Miguel Imas have prepared a case study example, where the analysis is located within this micro-meso-macro framework, for consideration by the Task Group's members. The case study is called "Supporting Sustainability within the Sail Cargo Alliance Ecosystem".

You can read this case study here

Inaugural Meeting of the Task group at the 2024 Open Conference of the IFIP WG 8.3 Decision Support Systems,

To be held in Elche, Spain between June 5-7th, 2024. Details at

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The place and time for this meeting will be advertised in th eConference Programme, when when it is ready. The agenda proposed for this meeting is:
1.     Task force Membership
     Discussion proposed activities and Outputs proposed for the Task Force.
     Suggestions for the case study contexts.
     Opportunities for publishing the Task force’s case studies.