Miroslav Babenko MSc

Miroslav Babenko
Software developer and App designer

Miroslav Babenko is the owner of Sunrise Solutions. He is experienced in working in Livecode (also Java and Xcode) on Mac OS, Windows PC, IOS and Android platforms. He has a BSc in Organizational Crisis Management from South Urals University, Russia and a MSc in Retail Management from the University of Brighton. Within the London Multimedia Lab he was responsible for the technical aspects “Images and Sounds” (integrating a Papertronic book, eBook, and online audio-visual catalogue) as well as working on the design and development of the app "What’sAshore: Who'sAround", constructed in association with the Mediterranean Community. Between 2015-2018 was App designer and software developer at Real-Time where he worked on working on innovative projects using creative technological solutions to help homeless groups, including the Night and Day Resource Finder App for Pilgrim Hearts, Bracknell.
email falladvance@gmail.com
tel 07492 262862

Miroslav Babenko is Technical Director of Sunrise Newhaven. He is e
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