Charles liasides
Charles liasidis FRSA

Charles Liasides is the Extension Director lo Live Provenance Endeavour.
He is a professionally qualified Marketer and a successful entrepreneur in the field of IT and communications, especially mobile, digital and TV media. His company was a highly innovative pioneer of many of today’s applications and developed the first Mobile Value-Added Services in the world.
Charles has led teams engaged in complex R&D and product development to market launch in the fields of geo-social companion apps with TV’s Endemol ‘Big Brother’ and in the field of motor insurance.
He was appointed an EU expert reviewer on large (20mecu) projects in co-operative working and for the development of Technologies for Business Processes programme.
He was a member CBI National Technology and Innovation Committee for 6 years which approved all Govt spending on Civil Research and Policy impact on business: special working parties on Innovation in practice and Funding smaller tech companies and establishment of VCT and EIS.
Charles’s company, Brainstorm, pioneered development and 1st use of Websites for DTI, British Chambers of Commerce, Confederation of British Industry (CBI) British Venture Capital Association, Federation of Electronic Industries UK
Following successful exit, Charles became an advisor on strategy and investment for start-up and medium companies in tech and communications, including several of his own.
He was appointed senior research fellow at the London School of Economics and Co-Director of the InCas pan-European project for funding the Knowledge Economy - Intellectual Capital
methodologies. Responsible for interface with Finance and Investment Communities
Charles has an active interest in green technology created the design for the conversion of his own inner city urban building to zero-carbon BREEAM standard. Continuing his interest in funding of Innovation he became Industry Adviser to an EIS Investment Fund.
Charles founded Know How Fund Ltd (KHFL) as a Corporate Finance advisory company, creating and optimising value in diverse business situations. He was the initiator of a Forensic Due Diligence on $100m M&A between US and UK City companies in high level security systems including Neural Networks. He has worked on structuring and negotiation sales and acquisition deals in motor insurance services and development of online retail platforms in UK and China.
Charles personally has an strong interest in the Food industry and especially artisanal and sustainable products with a high degree of cultural continuity.
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