SaRA (Salud Reproductiva para Adolescentes/Reproductive Health for Adolescents):is continuing development initiative of the LML. It was conceived to contribute to the betterment of the sexual health and well being of the adolescent population in Peru. It was funded by DfID for the first two years and is now self-sustainable. The project is developing community-based networks with adolescents in rural and urban-marginal areas of Peru, with the double goal of creating a social system of innovation and communication of resources for living, and developing a sustainable gendered space for health promotion, identity construction and culture re-creation.

For the systematisation and generalisation of the project’s outcome a highly innovative multi-media methodology is being implemented in Peru, where community groups gain empowerment through communications showing and telling what is and what could be, and gain empowerment and resources for action – SaRA has now been formally adopted as a universal methodology in this respect throughout
the province of Lima, Peru.

You can view an Introduction to SaRA here

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