Pathways to Value

The London Multimedia Lab’s Pathways to Value Regional Research Programme, conducted between 2005-8 for Creative Partnerships London, explores new ways of understanding and articulating the value of creativity, using field research and multimedia case study development as tools to evidence and encourage reflective practice across Creative Partnerships schools in London.

Employing a specially developed Framework for Effective Practice, this research investigates in detail the pathways that evidence the value of having Creative Partnerships projects within each of five London schools and the potential thus engendered for developing and sustaining creativity within teaching and learning activities throughout the school.

Iways to Value research revealed and examined the unique processes that facilitate improvements and provide opportunities for sustaining ‘creative partnerships’ within schools.

We developed two key models, The Triangular Role Model and The Progressive Maturity Wave Model. We showed how, they can explicate the operation of these processes in each school, when the key models are employed together, informed by the school’s profile on the pathways to value identified in the Framework for Effective Practice. We demonstrated how the current research extended our understanding of the key models, offer a grounding that fully encapsulates the dynamic interactions that emerge among teachers, students, and creative practitioners during Creative Partnerships projects.

Read the Pathways to Value Final Report

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