Innovative communication processes in Images and Sounds

Still from Images and Sounds video annotation: The Cummerbund by Shelly Wain

Commercial success will depend upon developing a high level of mass multimedia ‘literacy’ in the 21st century matching the mass written literacy of the 20th century. However, this will necessitate the use of sound, moving and still pictures, as well as text. The Images and Sounds research and development project is developing ground-breaking ideas, and furthering understanding, on the universal use of audiovisual and multimedia composition. In order to reveal the potential of audiovisual and multimedia composition, this project is developing Images and Sounds, using compositional methods that successfully exploit three composing processes – written, audiovisual and multimedia, in an inventive, combined paper and electronic book Papertronic, using specially designed software. It uses the book metaphor with a traditional spine, but creatively combines linear written and audiovisual composing processes with non-linear and interactive multimedia composition. The book traces the history of audiovisual composing and develops a theoretical framework for understanding this kind of compositional practice as a universal communication system. It uses case studies as a way of illustrating the exploitation of these audiovisual and multimedia composing processes, in a diverse range of settings. It also provides suggestions for ways of developing these generative compositional competencies for a multiplicity of communication purposes.