Amfilissos Flow Grid: Socio-cultural layer:
Cultural and Mythological Heritage Pathways

The Socio-cultural layer of the Amfilssos flow grid contains cultural and mythological heritage pathways, interwoven with the the pathways represented in the physical layer of the Flow Grid, that have the potential to enrich the experience of of the area in the minds of all those who understand, visit and live in it.
These pathways are kept alive though human imagination, sustained through storytelling and local festivals and community events.
They bring to life the cultural and mythological heritage of all the pathways in the physical layer of the Amfillosos flow grid that can be experienced in the real. The pathways flow from the Despoti Spring in the Karvounis Mountain (shown as
M. Mandale in the map) through the villages of Koumeika, Skoureika and Neochori, reaching the sea in the bay of Balos, (shown as Porto Imbraso in the map).

The full Amfilissos Flow grid reveals the nodes, doubled in both the physical and socio-cultural layers of the grid, where experience of real and cultural and mythological phenomena come together and enhance each other. The heritage pathways that enable this synergy of experience at the nodes in the grid, can flourish in the present through story-telling in multimedia, enabling their historical exploration, re-creation and enrichment. Promoting this is an aim of the Amfilissos Society

We would like to collect and present on this website, a variety of stories, each traversing a pathway within the cultural and mythological heritage of the Amfilissos area. This can be a collective enterprise by those people who know such stories. If you are able to help in this, please
contact us, with a note about the story line and where we might find sources and pictures, if you have ideas about this. We will acknowledge your participation (unless you prefer to remain anonymous) on this website.

We have made a start in this story-collecting enterprise with the intial outlines for five stories:Resisting Pirates (Pefkos & Balos – Neohori); Onions (Koumeika- Balos); Carobs (Koumeika - Neohori); Olives (Koumeika-Skoureika-Neohori) and Sustainability (Neohori-Koutsi).

We also plan creative activities, grounded in this heritage, that traverse pathways in the present and flow into future developments. Within the
physical layer of the Amfilissos Area Flow Grid, the nodes that provide the infrastructure for these activities comprise places for refreshment and conviviality where local people and people from afar, old and young, can meet and tell each other stories; clubs and associations that research and explore the sources and potential implications of the stories; places where the stories can be enhanced through community participation in local festivals, carnivals and improvisations.
These creative actitvities will include
Spritivity Workshops for people interested in finding new pathways to rich and diverse development of Amfilissos , grounded in what they can see and imagine “in the spaces in between” what is already represented in the physical and socio-cultural layers of the Amfilissos Area Flow Grid. Spritivity, as a communication medium, enabled participants to develop their own sprites, grounded in representations – pictures, drawings, text descriptions – both real and imagined.
These sprites can be involved in performances as actors in collectively authored stories that transform their groundings through creative developments, enriching the future for both the inhabitants and the visitors to the Amfilissos Area

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