For centuries there have been extensive olive groves around Koumeika, Skoureika and Neohori. Now harvesting is sporadic due to lack of availabilty of local people to do the work of olive collection. The steam-powered olive press beside the Koumeika-Skoureika road lies derelict

Olive press on Koumeika-Skoureika road: exterior and interiorOlivePressComp720

There remains the opportunity of excellent sources for local high quality olive oil production in the Amfilissos Area. Harvesting Olives is intensive winter work, which is an arduous task for the sparse population of permanent inhabitants of the Amfilissos Area.

However, this task could prove to be attractive part-time recreational work for visitors working alongside permanent inhabitants, particularly when the ‘visitors’ are international creative industries professionals spending the wintertime in the Amfilissos area, where such activity can balance the externally-paid creative work that comprises their “main jobs”.

There is a project proposed within the amfilissos network to transom the derelict olive mill near Koumeika into
an Olive Museum. Around the museum are placed an information area about the Neochori - Balos trekking route, which will also be used for selling local products, a café and preparation area for the Neochori - Balos trekking route that passes alongside the mill.

The Neochori trail joins the Skoureika-Koumeika road beside the ruined olive press

Olive groves lining the Skoureika – Pefkos road