Development and Enrichment of the Amfilissos Area Flow Grid

The Amfilissosa structure, both conceptual and physical, to enable rich and varied local development within the area while ensuring synergy between new initiatives and cultural inheritance. The grid preserves full access to the rich variety of resources for all, whether visitors or inhabitants, in both work and recreation. The complete flow grid has two layers: a
physical layer doubled with a socio-cultural layer.

View from the centre of the Amfilissos Area, looking west towards Kerkis mountain and the islands of Fourni and Ikaria

The aim of the Amfilissos Network is to ensure that the planning, promotion and implementation of developments within the Amfilissos area keeps within, and respects the framework of, the flow grid. The construction of the Amfilissos Area flow grid was inspired by the planning area frameworks within the the East London Green Grid developed by J & L Gibbons LLP, but it is being specially developed to meet the needs of this rural area, rich in cultural and ecological heritage.