Streams flowing into the Amfilissos River

The Amfilissos area lies in the foothills of Karvounis, a limestone mountain which contain large acquifers. The streams that tumble down the hillsides remain in water throughout much of, and often all of, the year. They are not navigable but provide a rich supply of drinking water and washing water (originally for communal laundries) for the inhabitants of the area. They are harnessed through a network of channels, around the villages of Koumeika, Skoureika and Neochori, to sustain all kinds of local agriculture throughout the year. In former centuries they also powered water mills, although little trace of these mills remains today.

The paths of streams are of fundamental significance in the Amfilissos flow grid. They should not be interrupted, dammed or diverted, as this would destroy the balance of the diverse kinds and locations of water supply in the area. They should be kept clear of pollution: waste water from human habitation should not be returned to the streams as the water in the streams needs to be of drinking quality throughout the whole course of each stream. There should be a permanent public corridor beside the full length of each stream to provide access and inspection opportunites, so that that its flow can be kept clear and the water kept pure. Paths along these corridors also make for excellent recreational routes and access to localities. not reachable via roads and tracks. There should be interchange possibilities between the streamside paths and the roads and tracks in the area, wherever these cross.

Thus the stream paths in the Amfilissos flow grid support a variety of flows: of water vital for nature, agriculture and human life, and of people on voyages of access and recreation.

Stream flowing past the taverna at Koutsi, still in water in the dry season, joinined with additional springs originating in the taverna's courtyard