Water Mills

In previous times, water mills grinding flour operated along the streams of the Amfilissos River, but their remains are now in a derelict state. However these water mills play an important role, that could still be resurrected, in the physical layer of the Amfilissos Area Flow Grid, as nodes marking intersections between water flow and local manufacturing (i.e, milling of flour). It is also interesting that the grain to be milled and the flour produced would have to be transported to and from the mill along roads or tracks in the Amfilissos Area.

Tower of ruined watermill at Balos

When operational the Watermill would have looked like this:
Ancient Watermill

A stream fed water to the top of the pipe running down the tower in order to turn a winged horizontal wheel in the cavity below the millstones. This winged wheel was connected by a vertical axle to the upper millstone, which turned with the winged wheel, grinding the grain, fed from the hopper above them, between the two millstones. The flour thus produced was collected in the drawer below the millstones.