Case Studies on potential enterprises in the "spaces in between"

In the "spaces in between" the structural developments planned top-down within the Amfilissos Flow Grid, many diverse developments could be conceived by people forming small innovative enterprises.

Case studies are a very useful pre-cursor to launching such enterprises: exploring possibilities,prior to making financial commitments.

Below are four suggestions for specific case studies, open for anyone to take up. We welcome more suggestions about possible case studies, or offers to conduct specific case studies (please use the contact page for this purpose).

Case study 1:
The Amfilissos Carnival: Including art and script production for Carnival (Kathi) events ( dance, music, poetry, tableaux etc).
Possible location: Koumeika

Case study 2:
Construction of a "Green Smart House", self-sufficient in energy consumption through use of insulation materials and integrated Electricity production from a wind generator and solar panels.
Possible location: Neochori

Case Study 3:
Creation of a multimedia database on historic and cultural resources, together with an international network on local culture.