The Amfilissos Area is bounded by the Karlovasi-Pyrgos main road on its North side, and its intersection with the road to Balos on its West side. The roads within the Amfilissos area provide the infrastucture for the major high-speed flows, of local people (transported in cars, motorbikes and buses), goods and materials (transported in vans, trucks and lorries) and tourist groups (transported in coaches and recreational vehicles).

In recent years, these high-speed flows have greatly increased, and the main roads in the Amfilissos Area have been developed (by widening, removal of sharp bends, construction of cuttings and embankments to flatten out hilly terrain, etc). These "improvements" often ignore the needs of other kinds of users (pedestrians, mules, animals) and sever connections with other kinds of flows (streams, ancient tracks and paths). For the Amfilissos Area Flow Grid to be effective, the needs of all kinds of road users, together with all kinds of connections with other forms of flow, should be recognised, preserved and restored

Karlovasi-Pythagorion main road crossing over the Amfilissos Stream at Pyrgos