Amfilissos Area Flow Grid: Physical Layer

The Physical Layer of the Amfilissos Area flow grid integrates the various kinds of flows – streams, roads, tracks, bridges, water mills ports – that provide the pathways for living - giving access to resources and allowing movement of people, and their animals, and providing nodes – village squares, laundries, resorts – facilitating exchanges of material, cultural, emotional and spritual resources. Following the philosophy of “A Thousand Plateaux” (Deleuze and Guattari, 1988) these nodes are “doubled” across the Physical and the Socio-cultural Layers of the Amfilissos Area flow grid.
wildlife reserve is also planned for the Martinis mountain on the Eastern boundary of the Amfilissos Area.

It is important that every part of every kind of flow in the physical layer of the flow grid should be maintained as a public corridor or space, accessible and open to all comers. Developments that (even if unintentionally) block part of a flow in the grid will damage the physical, ecological and ecological heritage kept alive within the grid, and could prejudice the future richness, efficacy and variety of developments and enterprises within the Amfilissos Area.