Amfilissos Area Project Compendium

The Amfilissos Area Network is developing a compendium of projects to improve the quality of life of people living and working in the Amfilissos Area, improving the conditions for the existing rural activities by going beyond them, while respecting and enhancing the Amfilissos Area Flow Grid. The Compendium comprises an intenational development project - providing all the infrastructure needed to support the growth and development of an international creative industries community living and working in the Amfilissos Area, together with a continuously evolving set of associated projects.

Area development Project: Olive museum, Craft workshops, and Trekking path near Koumeika

his project, proposed by Stamatina Derizotis, is to highlight the particular productive character and nature of the Amfilissos area of Samos island. The production traces of the area, such as old and deserted buildings, bridges, laundries, water mills and olive mills, are located. The idea is the reuse of a certain desolated pathway by a river located near Koumeika in this area. If someone follows this route, they pass by crops and come in contact with the agricultural life of the place. The old water mill is part of the concept and is proposed to become part of a Water Park. The old olive mill is where the project focuses. It is designed to become an Olive Museum together with an information area about the route, which will also be used for selling local products, a café and preparation area for the trekking route.

International Development project: Amfilissos Creative Industries Community

This project will provide the inflow of wealth and active population needed to assure the sustainability of the associated projects and the improvement of quality of life for everyone in the area. It involves the creation of the infrastructure to support the development of an international
Creative Industry Community

Associated projects

We are seeking partners for associated projects, which could include (but are not limited to):

– Creation and Building of
Zoe - the Amfillissos Revitalizing Centre at a site above Neochori

Bottling and local distribution of water from an Amfilissos spring of certified quality

-– Transformation of the
Laundries in Koumeika, Skoureika and Neochori into Collective Strory-Laundering establishments.

Creation of a Network of Hiking and Cycling paths within the physical layer of the Amfilissos Area Flow Grid

– Development of
Organic (Ecological) Farming

– Creation of an Ecological Observatory for the study of the fauna and flora of the Amfilissos River,
incorporating a reserve for the study of wild animals (Coyote, Chameleon)

– Development of
establishments for refreshment and conviviality in the Amfilissos Area Villages

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