Village Squares

Village squares are important nodes in the flow grid. They are meeting points for local people with people from other places who have travelled along the roads and tracks which intersect at the square. Market business transactions were traditionally done at the square, and the village square can be a focus for the renewal of informal local culture.

For a village square to maintain an active function in the flow grid, it must remain a public place, with facilities for rest, food, refreshment and social activities, particularly exchanging stories. It should also provide places to display, exchange, buy and sell local products and cultural artifacts.

Koumeika Square maintains its active function in the Flow Grid, but this may still be improved
(see Project:
Refreshment and conviviality)

Neochori Square:
This square is still a public place, but has currently lost most of its functionality within the Flow Grid.

The Bar near the Village Square has closed
and it is difficult to find somewhere to sit and talk together