Olive museum, Craft workshops, and Trekking path near Koumeika

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The purpose of this project, proposed by Stamatina Derizotis, is to highlight the particular productive character and nature of the Amfilissos area of Samos island. The production traces of the area, such as old and deserted buildings, bridges, laundries, water mills and olive mills, are located. The idea is the reuse of a certain desolated pathway by a river located near Koumeika in this area. If someone follows this route, they pass by crops and come in contact with the agricultural life of the place. The project’s proposal contains opening of the route, enhancement of old structures and reinforcement of rural life with additional crops on unutilized land. The old water mill is part of the concept and is proposed to become part of a Water Park. The old olive mill is where the project focuses. It is designed to become an Olive Museum. Around the museum are placed an information area about the route, which will also be used for selling local products, a café and preparation area for the trekking route. Also proposed are laboratories for researchers and agriculturists aiming to the further development of agricultural production, a library focused on agriculture, a reading hall and a multipurpose room for informative, agricultural and other local events.
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Olive Mill : the main intervention
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Function; Incorporation; Cultural and environmental respect
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