Amfilissos River Intenational Development Project
Creation of the infrastucture to support the development of a
Creative Industry Community

This is a joint project between the Amfilissos Network and the London Multimedia Lab for Audiovisual Composition and Communication at the London School for Economics and Political Science

This international development project in the network, which will provide the inflow of wealth and active multinational population needed to assure the sustainability of the associated projects and the improvement of quality of life for everyone in the area, involves the creation of the infrastructure, especially wireless broadband access, to support the development of an international Creative Industry Community.

Six years ago, wireless broadband access became available in some areas of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Since then, many creative industry professionals, who were employed by enterprises based in London, despairing of the quality of life in London, opted individually to move to the Highlands and Islands, while still working for their London employers. Broadband communication meant that they could do their creative work, and make the creative products, locally while easily communicating and exchanging them with their employers and clients, who are often located worldwide. During this four year period there has been, as a result, a sufficient concentration of skilled creative industry professionals in the Highlands and Islands for the Intellectual Assets Centre, Glasgow to be able to obtain an EU regional development grant to support the development of of a network of Creative Industry small enterprises, located in these areas.

Given the better quality of life offered by the Amfilissos River area, and ,since 2010 the widespread availability of 3G wireless broadband facilities providing high speed internet access across the Amfilissos Area, the project partners consider that we can be even more successful than the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, in attracting creative industry professionals from the UK, who would like to spend periods ranging from one month to several years living and working in the Amfilissos area, funded by their UK employers. They will be able to use high speed internet, via a 3G wireless connection to their personal computer, to link and share their work and its products with their UK employers. The Amfilissos Network can help interested creative industry professionals find a suitable house or apartment to rent at an attractive rate. It can also help those wanting to buy or build a house in the Amfilissos, area, including the possibility to work with an architect and project-managed construction team in building a property to one's own design and thus contributing to the growth of the Creative Industry Community.