The Mediterranean Community and The Amfilissos Club

The Mediterranean Community and the Amfilissos Club bring together the key actors from Samos, and worldwide, who have the motivation, skills and access to the resources needed to develop the initiatives and projects that will operate in parallel to make an integrated effort to overcome, through the Amfilissos Initiative, the problems that have been identified, and their resulting impact on the Area (frustration, depopulation, unhealthy lifestyle) The Initiative's overall aim is to increase dramatically the variety, richness, connectivity and creativity of life, work and recreation in the Amfilissos area. To achieve this aim the Mediterranean Community operates in close liaison with the CADIC SME cluster on ecological and technological development.

The Mediterrean Community's Amfilissos Initiative aims to:

- maintain the
Amfilissos flow grid

- contribute to the rich pattern of developments - coordinated within the
Amfillissos Area Project Compendium

- research and implement
pathways running through the area's cultural and mythological heritage, ecological possibilities and community initiatives

The Amfilissos Club is formed as a Facebook Group

You can access the Amfilissos Club here