Bottling and local distribution of water from an Amfilissos spring of certified quality

There are 6 principal springs (water sources) in the Amfilissos Area, but only one is of certified mineral water quality and not taken by pipes to be mixed with water from sources of lower quality and distributed to houses, restaurants, etc. Because of this water mixing most people in the Amfilissos area drink bottled water, which is sourced outside Samos and arrived pre-bottled by ship.

There is an opportunity to protect the remaining certified high quality source and distribute the water from it, by bottling it at source in recyclable high capacity bottles, for use in water dispenser machines in Samos, which could then supply "Amfilissos water" (quality certified) instead or water imported from Athens. Orders could be place on the Amfilissos Water website, paid for via PayPal and be delivered daily by local van or pickup truck.

Water bottles delivered to a house in Votsalakia