CADIC Catalyst SME in Spain

Sidasa Engineering Business Unit (E.B.U.)

E.B.U. comprises 11 people. It belongs to SIDASA and UNITS GROUP (400 people). Its headquarters are in Barcelona. E.B.U. takes care of Design, Manufacture, Installation and After-sales of Surface Treatment Plants and Equipment. In 2010 SIDASA EBU is focusing on the development and supply of know-how and global solutions (not just machinery) in the field of Surface Treatment around the world.

Cluster Experience

As SIDASA, we have been involved or are members of organisations like SITS, UITS, CETS, ASESAN, QUALANOD, QUALICOAT, etc.
The purposes are to share common situations, define standards, and agree on solutions for the benefit of the sectors we are involved in.

Expectations from CADIC

SIDASA EBU was involved in the INCAS project and the result was so interesting that we decided that we would like to be part of CADIC project as it could allow us to experience similar situations and come to conclusions together with other companies being part of the same cluster.

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