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ICIA -International Creative Industries Alliance


The InternThe International Creative industries Alliance (ICIA) aims to develop collaboration and promote flows of Intellectual Capital and exchange of knowledge between enterprises in the creative industries sector and enterprises in other sectors using creative processes and resource in their business operations, both within China and internationally, so that they can find new areas of application of their expertise and skills, providing employment for their creative personnel, achieving results and producing outputs in ways that give new social, community, ecological, and economic benefits.

The ICIA offers a platform for local and international SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and individual creative talents and professionals to explore new genres, develop business models, create digital contents, and provide advice and consultancy and exchange information and experiences. ICIA's vision is not only to contribute to economic growth but also to improve the quality of life and the ecology of the environment through creativity and innovation.

The ICIA is a collaborative organization established in China (Beijing and Guangzhou), UK (London and Lewes) and Germany (Bonn) to promote creative industries in worldwide. It is able to incubate and support the development of various kinds of creative businesses and promote a broad interdisciplinary exchange of ideas among them. It collaborates with non-profit organisations, academic institutions, professional associations, media and creative business practitioners.

The ICIA provides, for its Small and Medium Enterprise members a framework and infrastructure for enriching and expanding their creative activities: promoting communication, knowledge exchange, collaboration and innovation cluster development.

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