Web-Journal of the CADIC Cluster Facilitation WorkShop
Report-out from the FUTURE ACTIVITIES session:

For Italy, Piero Migliarese (University of Calabria) summarised the status quo in the cluster development. He outlined, that there are two potential clusters in Italy:
One of them is a cluster with already well defined structures, formalised as well from a legal perspective as well as clear defined goals between the cluster members.
The second cluster is working in the field of energy supply in Calabria. It is less formalised, with no clear goals among the cluster participants. This cluster clearly still needs to be initiated from the bottom-up. As a major threat to cluster initiation, Piero identified mistrust between the companies at the time being (coopetition dilemma). On the other hand, all companies concerned are very interested in setting up the cluster which will make it easier to get the companies working together.

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