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To start the day, the LSE facilitation team launched a small exercise all workshop participants were asked to take part. Everybody was asked to put on a piece of paper (“post-it” sticker`) the name and a few key words that illustrate ONE key idea that she/he would like to contribute and share at today’s CADIC workshop. The contributions were stuck to the welcome board:


At the beginning of the workshop, Stefan Zickgraf (CADIC project coordinator) welcomed all workshop participants and outlined the aims of the day. The first project phase was dedicated to research, e.g. analysing the requirements from the pilot SMEs, describing the cluster status and general needs, as well as to set up the country teams, get them acquainted with the CADIC approach, train them in-service (see D4) and take the first steps to start the clusters in the core countries. During the first months of 2011, the project activities continued with the cluster work with special focus on the implementation of action plans which were outlined in D4. The workshop today will focus on the review of these activities, as well as to sharpen the view on the future activities of the clusters in the core countries. Unfortunately, the Greek cluster representatives could not attend, but the cluster facilitation teams from Italy, Portugal, Spain and UK will work on designing and detailing their cluster activities jointly with RTD partners.

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