CADIC SME-AG in Portugal

The Association of Small and Medium Enterprises is an employers association under private law, which currently has over 9800 members.
Its action extends around Portugal, through its head office in Lisbon, Porto and technical offices in several sections installed in major cities.
ANPME exists to "
represent and protect the interests of all small and medium business“ seeking, through its intervention, to contribute to the success and sustainability of SMEs in a market that is increasingly global and complex.

ANPME brings together prestigious businessmen accompanying at all times of their business, from market research, financial support, the creation, development and ability to remain competitive with market success.

The ANPME is a member of the CEA-PME, and thus has the mission to provide professionals and small and medium businesses the best equipment and solutions, advising companies in all business areas.

The services offered by ANPME understand SME's needs to help manage risk and maximize their performance by investing in continuous innovation of its intervention methodologies, and adequate training of its resources, keeping a very close relationship with those associated.

ANPME Technical Team comprises 50 persons who work in areas like:
– Economic and financial advice;
–  Legal advice and consultancy;
– Architecture;
– Strategic advice and management;
– Accounting, certification of management systems, etc…

Cluster Experience
We don't have experience in real clusters. However in our activity we try to create a link between our members so that they can create partnerships.

Expectations from CADIC

– Be a part of a new project that will be very innovative;
– Be able to provide SME´s the best equipment and solutions so that they can develop and remain competitive in the market.

The challenge: How to solve the problem of co-opetition between the SME´s in each cluster.

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