CADIC Spanish Pilot SME Cluster
Focus: Engineering

Sector: Aluminium anodizing mainly for cosmetics, cans and packaging

Cluster composition: The cluster groups 10 organisations (8 in the core): 6 core SMEs (SIDASA-EBU, SIDASA-Chemistry, STEM, Thomas Krupp, COVIT, TESEM), representing the whole value chain of this industry; 1 Technological Centre (AIMME), and 1 Association of aluminium products of Catalonia (AFAPIC). The other 2 are satellite disruptive (CITILAB) and IT (H&C SL). TESEM and AFAPIC are recent incorporations.
The catalyst SME is SIDASA.

The 8 core participants have been
collaborating for several years. Specifically, the CADIC-core partners have 2 years collaborating in the InCaS project. The expectation is that this successful experience would motivate the emergence of new collaborative projects with partners all around the world. So far the evolution of the cluster has been mainly the consequence of the networking and supportive activity of the catalyst CM. Exchanges between its members have been rather ad hoc (workshops/IC Quick meetings) and on a dyadic basis (catalyst- one other). We believe that the operationalization and training of companies in new platform and, especially, implementation of BATs/Audits will create the content and motivation for effecting IC flows. Great expectations around the involvement of French companies (“think big”/more aggressive)

CADIC is primarily seen as a window for:
new market opportunities and systematic technological upgrade; generating synergies
mobilizing and energizing space through which to spur creativity/innovative ideas, new projects, and solve common problems within a collaborative environment
a motivational tool

Objectives: To contribute to increase the efficiency of participating core members; grow and strengthen the core (IC-based); and enhance networking and knowledge sharing around the following topics:
Technology (anodising)
Market trends evolution and prices
Environment protection
Technical and regulatory issues (sp.: Catalonia/Spain/EU)
Project management and (IC) resources management

Main topics and Goals:
Topics addressed by the Cluster have gone through significant process of concreteness and prioritisation since Nov. 2010. At present, to create capability around BATs, clean energy efficiency and green anodising rank first.


Requirements for support from CADIC

Requiements -Spain

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