Training of the Cluster Facilitation Team

Responsibilities of the RTD Country Coach

The Country Coach providex liaison between the RTD partners and the SME clusters in a CADIC core country
– Supports SME Cluster implementation in the core country jointly with the
Cluster Facilitator
=> close cooperation between Country Coach, Cluster Facilitator and cluster SMEs
– Responsible for feedback & translation of SME experiences and requirements to RTD partners
– Identifies skills of the RTD consortium, concerning customisation and delivery of CADIC offline and online services according to cluster needs (support requirements analysis)

The Country Coach and the Cluster Facilitator jointly constitute the
Cluster Facilitation Team

Eirine Skouta, Greek Country Coach (centre) coordinating an initial CADIC Cluster Facilitation Meeting
Ormos Marathocampos, Samos, Greece, 10 October, 2010.

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