Training of the Cluster Facilitation Team

Responsibilities and Competencies of the Cluster Facilitator


– Support cluster development process (at least CADIC pilot cluster) for at least 2.5 years
– Implement & use prototypes of
CADIC tools & services in pilot clusters
– Train SMEs on CADIC tools & services
– Coordinate implementation process jointly with Country Coach and feed back SME experiences & requirements to Country Coach
– Create understanding and awareness of IC topic generally
– Cluster Facilitator &
Country Coach jointly lead the “Cluster Facilitation Team”


 Background skills on IC topics, e.g. Intellectual Property issues
– Availability during CADIC project lifetime
– Language: English and language of respective core country
– Experienced in consultancy (moderation/training/coaching...)
– Knowledge about market environment of catalyst SME & its cluster
– Strategic competencies to negotiate cluster goals & strategy
– Independent and neutral but has direct linkage with the cluster SMEs

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