CADIC Italian SME Pilot Cluster
Focus: Mechanical Engineering

Location and sector: Vibo Valentia, Calabria: Engineering sector.

CADIC video case study: Click here to view a video case study of how Cofindustria Vibo Valentia, Metalsud and the University of Calabriausing the CADIC methodology supported the development of this SME cluster in bottom-up, finding and profiting from collaborative advantage.

History of the Cluster: The cluster started informally in the 70s. Trigger-event: Nuovo Pignone (a large Oil& Gas Industry player, ex ENI group now General Electrics) plant, established in Vibo Valentia in 1963, decided to out souce its production. The cluster originated as a concentration of small firms supplying parts (e.g. steel structures) and some engineering services.

SME Cluster Membership and Organization: At the moment, 12 main companies are involved, among which is Metalsud (CADIC Catalyst SME), specializing in manufacturing, maintenance and assembling services, design services.No formal cluster organization, but increasing collaboration between SMEs. A few attempts were made to create a formal cluster organization during the last decade. Recently these were successful and led to Metalsud and other Calabrian firms (within and outside the Vibo Valentia area) agreeing to create a collaborative engineering consortium. The consortium has now been formally established. Its main goal is to acquire and manage large engineering projects. Six SMEs in the cluster are involved in the new consortium.

The cluster groups SMEs in the engineering sector. Several activities have been carried out:

  • Nine SMEs have been involved;
  • Goals have been defined and prioritized;
  • A plan for the next months has been agreed with the member SMEs. The plan involves:Use of a common electronic platform; Collection of IC data through the IC quick check tool; Creation of formal networks in order to obtain fiscal advantages and as a starting point to build stronger relations. A course in project management has been delivered to the member SMEs; (Training was one of the main goals identified by the member SMEs)

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Requirements for support from CADIC

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