Intellectual Capital Benchmarking System

CADIC's Intellectual Capital Benchmarking System provides a new method to compare individual Intellectual Capital configurations across SMEs (strengths and weaknesses etc.) and will be employed to bring SMEs together, to make IC assessment of there own companies, Ic comparisons between SME's in the cluste, and IC applications cluster level.

IC Benchmarking may take place on different levels adding value for different scopes and purposes: individual Intellectual Capital data of different companies in an existing cluster can be aggregated on the cluster level to find out about potential gaps concerning the intellectual resource base of the cluster (this may also be supported by a new Intellectual Capital assessment on the emergent cluster level). Based on that, well-aimed activities to grow and strengthen the cluster by actively inviting new partners to close those specific gaps in Intellectual Capital may be initiated from inside the cluster. Also, cluster-to-cluster comparisons become possible for evaluating the whole CADIC network and to assess the cluster performance compared to the performance of other clusters.

The CADIC Guideline describes three levels of support provided, within the CADIC toolbox, by the IC Benchmarking system:

  • In case a company is interested in improving its soft success factors, the so called intangibles, but is not yet sure how to take the first steps, a very simple Intellectual Capital Quick Check can be used as a kind of “IC Starters Kit” to easily introduce companies to the topic by directly showing first results of the brief analysis. The company can choose, whether it would like to make an internal analysis of IC and finish the exercise, or whether it would like to compare its own results anonymously with other companies e.g. from the same sector or same size afterwards. Therefore, the questionnaire includes a “Benchmarking” section in case the comparison is desired.
  • Companies who are already involved within a cluster or collaborative network might find it useful to check whether their involvement in the cluster is heading towards the right direction and if the right intangible resources are mobilised in order to make the cluster successful as a whole. Therefore, the Company IC Benchmarking offers the opportunity to compare IC between a selected group of companies who know each other and share a common goal and vision within the collaboration.
  • Such IC comparisons between individual companies in the cluster can be complemented by an IC-based review of the performance of the cluster as a whole and to check the development of soft success factors regularly. Therefore, a set of intangible success factors has been derived from research looking at IC from a cluster perspective, rather than from the individual companies’ perspective.

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