Video clip from the CADIC kick off meeting, Brussels, September 2010

CADIC Online and Offline Support Services

The CADIC framework incorporates a new set of practical and simple tools and methodologies to promote, support and assess the evolution of the cluster, as described in the CADIC Guideline

– The tools and methodologies are customised to the SMEs’ (cluster) requirements: they aim to ensure the development of a collaborative mindset (Trust building mechanisms – Intellectual Capital; competence; governance; shared vision; shared values and beliefs) In this, process offline services lead, supporting online services are integrated with the offline device provide through CROFT- CADIC Relational online Framework and Toolset.

– The locus of the integrated support initiative resides at the SME level (bottom-up).

CADIC offline support services enhances the effective and efficient offline IC-Flow between the collaborating partners. These include methods to shape collaboration events within the different life cycles, workshop and event design involving special facilitation and moderation techniques, methods to reactivate cluster activities. Also integrated are special working aids for CADIC members to support their individual cluster activities

CROFT- CADIC Relational Online Framework and Toolset, implemented on the CADIC web platform, provides web tools to easily and intuitively start and enhance distributed interaction in clusters (connecting tools, forums, document management, group discussions, virtual collaboration safe spaces, multimedia artefacts). CROFT offers comprehensive support for participants’ activities in events mounted in a CADIC cluster’ collaborative learning environment. It will also facilitate the transfer of the learning acquired back to the individual SMEs and/or for external dissemination.

CADIC Intellectual Capital benchmarking system is a method and a database to analyse the current status quo of IC stocks and flows of clusters and companies to find and match a suitable collaboration partner. This is a precondition to start and enhance effective and efficient collaboration and IC flow between cluster members and therefore contributes to the need of clusters in there different life cycle phases.

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