CADIC Portuguese Pilot SME Cluster
Focus: Carpentry

Catalyst SME: J.&J. Teixeira is working in the field of industrial carpentry. Located in Porto (Portugal), the company is specialised on high quality carpentry products, serving mainly customers in the high-end segment of national and international markets. Their business model is to serve their customers in a “one-stop-shop” process from product design, production, to installation of carpentry products on site. Customized solutions, i.e. single or small unit production on customer demand, is an outstanding feature of the companies value creation process. The company is not yet part of a cluster. In terms of the CADIC framework, J.&J. Teixeira is in the cluster formation phase.

Cluster Topic
Develop the market for certified and custom made carpentry products: especially fire resistance and noise protection elements (according to national and international security standards).

Initial Situation:

  • Catalyst SME is specialized on custom made, high quality carpentry products
  • Decreasing national market Internationalization
  • Already existing cooperation between the catalyst SME and certain suppliers on the production of fire resistant and noise-insulating doors
Overall Goals
Increase revenue and profits, e.g. through integration of sales/construction/production of fire resistant and noise-insulating doors
Develop unique selling proposition in Portugal through custom made
and certified products, e.g. simplify certification of “complex products”, increase efficiency of certification process, intensify cooperation with suppliers and certifying laboratories

Original Plan
  • Invite certification laboratories and formally constitute the CADIC cluster based on catalyst SME’s topic and goals
  • Develop cluster strategy: translate catalyst SME’s strategy to cluster goals, negotiate benefits for certification laboratories, develop cluster roadmap

Adapted Plan
  • Create a technical expert group with specialized suppliers to enhance knowledge transfer in development process and thereby enhance efficiency.
  • Expand the cluster to a) suppliers from rubber and chemical industry and to b) specialized institutions for product testing (e.g. Universities)

Requirements for support from CADIC

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