TANet- Technology Application Network

TANet is a unique network of over 9 co-operating Universities, Technology Centres and Key Business Partners providing the most comprehensive support for the SME Manufacturing sector for the whole of the UK.

The membership of TANet capitalises on unique Project participation between Industry Partners and Academics ensuring forward planning and exploitation of emerging markets and Technologies.

TANet positions itself at the fore-front of technological research and implementation. The network contains many key members that have direct access to governmental departments and through both National and Local links, brings maximum benefits to its associated regional organisations

TANet is concerned with enhancing the collaborative capabilities of SME’s through the deployment of a range of products and services.

TANet typically operates in the field of IT interoperability and collaboration, utilising European and National emerging technologies to disseminate, develop products and deliver services to SMEs across the UK.

SMEs may benefit through research activities of TANet members at a local level and due to the structure of TANet, these benefits of best practice may be elevated to a national level or standard.

TANet is the UK Pole for Interop-VLab.

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