Training of the Cluster Faciitation Team

Responsibilities of the Cluster Facilitation Team

The Cluster Facilitation Team (CFT) is basically made up by the
Cluster Facilitator (CF) the RTD Country Coach (CC), and the Cluster Manager from the Catalyst SME. Depending upon the needs and requirements of the catalyst SME or the pilot cluster, additional experts from the RTD Team can be invited to support the cluster development work within the country.
The Cluster Relation Managers, from the SMEs in the Cluster, represent the demand side of the cluster and may ask and negotiate through the Cluster Facilitation Team any kind of support for a specific activity. The team has the key responsibility to ensure that cluster events, activities and processes triggered by the SME members are well designed and executed, thus promoting cooperation and trust in networking among the SMEs in the cluster according to their needs and opportunities.
Utilising the
CADIC Guideline, according to the specific cluster's requirements, the Cluster Facilitation Team coordinates the bundling and implementation of methods, tools and services, both offlinre and online, to meet this specific cluster’s demand, determined bottom-up. The CFT then offers a concrete and customised bundle of cluster support services to facilitate the specific cluster activity and negotiates this offer with the cluster.

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