Provenance Explorer Companion App

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A major feature of the Provenance Creator App is it enables permissioned users to print QR codes on “Live Provenance Certification” labels that can be attached to every bespoke product created and transacted within the ecosystem (see section 6.4, above).
This means that everyone and anyone is able to (and encouraged) to scan these QR-coded labels on the ecosystem’s bespoke products, wherever and whenever they encounter them, using their own mobile phones whereby they are taken to  a url where they can  immediately access  the web-based “Provenance Explorer” App’s facilities.
Provenance Explorer is the Companion App for “Provenance Creator”: It provides similar provenance -exploring facilities as those incorporated into  Provenance Creator, but with restrictions that protect the integrity of the Ecosystem’s database, and meet  GPDR condition with regard to accessing  from the internet  personal information about the agents involved in the Leonandri ecosystem.
So Provenance Explorer permits one to view and explore on the internet, the live Provence, of the transactions involving the entries and agents involved in the ecosystem in the same way that Provenance Creator does, but Provenance Explorer permits only GDPR-permissioned permissioned information to be displayed.
 Also, Provenance Explorer does not offer the user any screens where he or she can edit any of the information displayed or create any new transaction, agent  or entity records and profiles for insertion in the Leonamdri Ecosystem’s database.
Instead Provenance Explorer gives its users the opportunity, via the app, to apply to join the ecosystem as a permissioned agent in order to be able to access the full functionality of the Provenance Creator app in this regard.

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