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The Provenance Exploration and Demonstration Support (PEDS) platform, powered by the Provence Creator App enables us to establish and explore the provenance of an entity involved in any particular transaction of interest transaction right back to its first transaction in which it was involved, marking that entity's “creation".  This trace provides the Historical Entity-Provenance Chain for that entity:  a time-ordered sequence of the complete set of transaction records involving the specific entity. In a similar way, we can establish and explore the Historical Agent-Provenance Chain for any agent, acting in sender and/or receiver roles, from the most recent transaction in which they played a role, right back to their earliest transaction  recorded in the Ecosystem.
Entity-provenance and agent-provenance chains interact at every transaction in their establishment.  Thus we can trace and explore, in any way one wishes, provenance threads (paths through the provenance terrain), involving both persons (agents) and objects (entities) of interest to us. Within the Provenance Tapestry, these threads are woven together, to form the core structure that underpins the investigation, validation and establishment of historical provenance in accord with the general definition of provenance given above.

Fundamentally, historical provenance search, is anchored in the past. It enables us to explore agent and entity provenance threads in the provenance tapestry and authenticating the information about “what actually happened” that is found there.

In this way we improve our appreciation of the provenance of agents and entities that were the focus of our search explorations. However, in this historical context, there is no opportunity for anticipating and improving the actual provenance of these entities and agents, or of the transactions in which they were involved.

So, within the PEDS platform actualised in the
Provenance Creator App: enables to investigate the Live provenance relating to, and anchored on any particular transaction of interest , the search may be continued through the material referenced in the transaction record at this location in the provenance tapestry. This material includes:

> Stories relating to the particular entities and agents engaged in the transaction

> Stories expressed as interpretive material in various kinds of media that address “How” and “Why” for a particular transaction. 
> Stories relating to the enactment of the transaction in the first place and its consequences.

n this way, live provenance is enhanced for all agents and entites (products/services) in the ecosystem, as are the values of the products/services involved. This generated added value is distributed throughout the ecosystem, where it can also supports, and funds social innovations ensuring that ecosystem operates in a sustainable and flourishing local context.

Customised versions of the Provenance Creator App and Platform may be built for use by participants in a particular Ecosystem, enhancing its sustainability and offering possibilities for social innovation through providing bottom-up support for  all Agents involved in creation, safe direct trading  and provenance building  for products and services (e.g., bespoke product makers/growers,  client-finding designing and distribution hubs, specialist  retailers (shops, restaurants, community markets etc), and end-users (purchasers).
Here, Live provenance is effected in
Transactions  all along the supply chain to the end users (usually customers of local specialist retailers) who purchase Entities (top-quality bespoke single-origin products) with Live provenance certification, confirmed by a QR code on their packaging.Scanning these QR codes enables the live provenance of the products in the ecosystem to be explored and enhanced, together with that of the individual creators.

Click here for an example of the actual use of the Provenance Creator App and platform in the Leonandri Lekara lace direct trading and provenance building ecosystem

Click here for an example of its proposed use of the Provenance Creator App and platform in the Sail Cargo Alliance direct trading and provenance building ecosystem.

Example of Live Provenance Certification and Exploration In the Leonandri Ecosystem

Scanning the QR code on a single origin bespoke in product entity's retail packaging takes a prospective purchaser to the Provenance Explorer App's website. Here, he or she can explore, via the Live provenance of that product via the Provenance Explorer App. He or she can also discover the provenance of "what is being  achieved on the ground” in terms of social, economic and cultural innovation enabled bottom-up by the certified product’s originating organisations, and local the community,   enabled by  this Live provenance  Certification.

Here is an example of a Live Provenance expiation for certified product in the Leonandri Lefkara Lace bespoke product making and direct trading ecosystem.  

The product in the example is a Framed Lefkara Lace Embroidery with a "Live Provenance Certification" label on the back of its frame.

You can explore its provenance by photographing the QR code on this label with your mobile phone.

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This is an enlargement of the label on the back of this framed bespoke Lefkara Lace product.

If you take a picture of this label with your smart phone, it will take you to the record for that particular bespoke Lefkara Lace product.
Then this way, the LP certified bespoke product’s live provenance can be explored and authenticated by the end users themselves. These end users will consequently be happy to pay a premium price for this bespoke product as it marks their own association with this good live provenance, and their active participation in maintaining it through purchasing the particular Live provenance certified product.

You can read more about the Context for Live Provenance Demonstration and support here.

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