Electric Propulsion

The Samoscraft ship uses sail power for sailing with a following wind, and electric power for sailing against the wind and manoeuvring in port. The electric propulsion is via a 48v Lynch motor (LMC Marlin single drive system).


Electric power is provided from an 800Ah bank of AGM batteries laid low down in the hull that also provides ballast.

The Marlin system comes in 3 power ratings For the Samoscraft ship the Marlin 13 (13Kw system) would be needed. The specifications are given below.

LEM Marlin Specifications720

The Marlin system also has a facility whereby the Lynch motor acts as a generator recharging the batteries when the boat is moving under sail power.

Solar power

The battery bank is also charged by a series of Polysolar photovoltaic thin film glass laminate units. Recent technological improvement in photovoltaic panel technology has resulted in a drastically increased efficiency of the newer generation of PV panels (cell performances of 22%, enabling an overall 18% performance per panel, are now the norm). These factors make it a viable option to provide sufficient charge to the battery bank from a solar source to enable sustained operation of the 48v Lynch motor electric power, sourced from wind and sun offers a more relaxing, quieter and cleaner approach to navigation.

In order to provide sufficient area for the solar panels, the Samoscraft boat could be equipped with a raised deckhouse amidships, integral with and high roofed open sided cockpit at the stern housing the wheel steering and port and starboard sheet winches to control the square sail. This deck plan is similar to that employed in Bruce Roberts designed boats based on Joshua Slocum’s "Spray" design


For the Samoscraft boat, the roofs of its deck structures, adapted from the "Spray" design will tiled with Poly solar PS-C Series amber tinted transparent (20% transmission, 80% absorbent) BIPV panels set in oak framing (size of each panel is 1.1 m x1.3 m rated power output is 95 watts per panel).

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