Provenance Creator App Screen:

Log in

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An agent registered in the Leonandri Ecosystem should log in using this screen in order to access and use the full set of facilities of the Provenance Creator App. (A user who has not logged in can access, but not edit the information shown on “view an Agent’s ,profile”, “view an Entity’s profile” and view a Transaction’s profile”,  but do  nothing else).
An agent can log in by entering on this screen his or her registered email and password.
On verification on of these, the agent is logged in as a registered agent on the App, and this is confirmed by the system displaying the Agent’s name and description “about agent” as currently stored in its MariaDB database.
The agent has the option to confirm the check box “keep me logged in”. in this case the App remembers the Agent as the permissioned user who is currently logged in (even after the App has been quit and opened again), until the login screen is accessed again and a new user is logged in.
Only one Agent can be logged in at any time on the particular copy of the Provenance Creator App running on his or her personal computer, but different Agents can be logged in to their own copies of the App and access the same MariaDB database, even if they are running them concurrently on their own personal computers.
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